The Father Hood

Andrew McUtchen on the challenge and joy of the most important job he’ll ever have.

Andrew McUtchen is the co-creator of The Father Hood, an online community that supports Dads to take on the challenge of being the best Dad they can be. Father to three girls aged 6,7 and 8, along with an older stepdaughter, Andrew believes this is the best time in history to be a Dad.

Expectations of fathers have radically changed in recent decades. Andrew tells Life & Faith why that change is such a good thing. And why he wouldn’t have it any other way.

In this episode Andrew and Simon share some common threads in their respective upbringings, both being one of three boys with a Dad who was a minister. This leads to a discussion of the spirituality of parenting and the things to be gained by having your life turned upside down. And along the way they touch on wonder, awe and the power of appealing to our better instincts. 

“There’s an opportunity to reconnect with spirituality through parenthood because … suddenly your drives are self less instead of selfish and they’re giving instead of taking and suddenly you just rediscover all this goodness in yourself.”