The Alphabet of 2020

Dom Knight’s 2020 Dictionary provides a light-hearted (and at points serious) look back at the most extraordinary of years.

Many of us would like to simply forget 2020 and move on, but it was such a monumental year in so many ways, we thought it would be fitting to look back by talking to Dom Knight about his new book, “The 2020 Dictionary”.

There were so many terms and ideas and events that came to us for the first time in 2020. And by the end of it we were all sick of words like “pivot” and “unprecedented”. Dom Knight has given us a fun treatment of all of this.

As you’d expect from someone from the Chaser comedy group, (Dom was an original member and writer) there is a lot of silliness here, but as Dom explains, good comedy makes us laugh but frequently makes a serious point as well. That’s certainly the case with this interview and the book.



Dominic Knight’s The 2020 Dictionary