A Not-So-Silent Night

An exploration of the discomfort, disagreements, and disasters of Christmases past and present.


Life & Faith: Nativity

“When you’ve spent three months researching and preparing the perfect Christmas lunch, something on trend with rustic table ornaments made from old jars, salad with kale, some socially responsible bonbons, and perfectly placed jugs filled with Christmas cheer … and Aunty Vera arrives with her three-day-old potato salad and plonks it with pride in the middle of the table. And you want to punch her in the face.”

It’s just one way Christmas get-togethers can go awry, according to Bec Oates. But there are lots of reasons people might not find the Christmas season so merry and bright.

In fact, the first Christmas was a particularly brutal one for the holy family. Unlike the picturesque nativity scenes in shopping centres and on Christmas cards, the biblical account of Jesus’ birth and early years is one of discomfort, poverty, and violence.

In this episode, we take a closer look at the fraught first Christmas, and how this festive season also offers solace and hope for people struggling to find Christmas cheer.

Also, don’t miss a special performance by beatboxer Jeffrey Liu, with the CPX crew. Jeffrey was a semi-finalist on Australia’s Got Talent a few years back, and he shares his incredible gift of sounds and beats with us.

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