Life & Faith: Not for Kids

Is the availability of online porn the most disastrous unconscious social experiment of our time?

The availability of online pornography has been called one of the biggest unconscious social experiments ever conducted. Research has shown that more than 90% of boys under the age of 16, and around 60% of girls, have visited a porn site online, and this exposure is having significant effects on the way that children and teenagers think about their own sexuality and relate to one another.

Liz Walker is one of Australia’s leading experts on the harm that pornography does to kids. She became addicted to pornography herself as a child, and is the founder of the Youth Wellbeing Project. She has just published a children’s book to help parents talk to their kids about the problem of pornography, called Not for Kids, which you can find at

This episode of Life & Faith addresses this all-but-silent public health crisis, and draws on interviews with a number of experts who gathered in February 2016 for a symposium on “Pornography and harms to children and young people” at the University of New South Wales.