Meeting the Real Jesus

Greg Sheridan makes a compelling case for reading the Bible, and discovering a Jesus as intriguing as he is attractive.

When journalist Greg Sheridan outed himself as Christian with his book God is Good for You, a friend challenged him to follow it up with something that would illuminate the living Jesus of the Gospels. That was enough for Greg to commit to a couple of years soaking in the New Testament in search of a way to explain the Christian story to a people largely estranged from it. 

The result is Christians: The Urgent Case for Jesus in our World.

Sheridan says of his reading of the Bible, “It’s so gripping. It’s so immediate, it’s so visceral … there’s also a tremendous power to it.” Here is his attempt to convey something of that power, and he does so with a disarming honesty and wide-eyed enthusiasm. His aim is to point people to the life-giving words of Jesus and his early followers and the way that message continues to enthrall, challenge and inspire today.   

In this episode of Life & Faith Simon Smart speaks with Greg about the book, why he wrote it and the people who come to life within it. 


Christians: The Urgent Case for Jesus in our World by Greg Sheridan