Lifting the lid on Easter

The CPX team talk through fresh angles on the old story as they write for the media this Easter.

What place – beyond public holidays and Cadbury Creme Eggs – does Easter occupy in our cultural imagination? Doing “public Christianity” means joining up the dots between the Christian story and what life is actually like in the 21st century, and festivals like Christmas and Easter are key moments for this kind of translation work.

In this episode of Life & Faith, members of the CPX team talk through the ideas they’re working on for articles and radio programs this Easter – and in the process, cover the three major phases of Easter.

Justine takes Lent, and talks about distraction and what the ripple effects of giving up Netflix might be for our lives. Simon frets about whether we’re getting worse at friendship across lines of disagreement, and how the death of Jesus on Good Friday challenges our increasingly polarised culture. And Natasha looks to Easter Sunday and what fairies, myths, and the human bent for the supernatural have to do with the resurrection.