Life Is But A Breath

How a near-death experience helped one man embrace all of life – the beautiful, and the ugly.


Are You Serious?

“Real faith is to trust God in the good and the bad.”

After officiating a wedding, David Robertson wasn’t feeling too well and broke into a cold sweat. He ended up lying on the ground in front of his church, in a pool of his own blood.

Turns out, the Scottish church minister had contracted a virus that created two ulcers over a major artery, which had caused the bleeding. In hospital, his condition went from bad to worse. His lungs went down to 30 per cent capacity, he got pneumonia, and he needed close to 16 litres of blood product throughout his stay. His doctors told his wife: “It’s 50-50 whether he’ll live.”

It was a long and traumatic road back to health, but David is now very much alive and well – which is a miracle. In fact, his doctor told him that he doesn’t understand how David’s still alive, or at least not in a vegetative state.

During a conversation with his doctor’s wife, David told her, “Your husband saved my life”. She replied: “[My husband] says that God saved your life. He says there are only two people in his whole career – and he’s been a surgeon for over 30 years – that he regards as a miracle. And you’re one of them.”

In this episode, David shares his near-death experience, the road to recovery, and the lessons he learned along the way.

“Life is but a breath. But also, life is filled with glorious things, as well as the ugly.”