Life in the slow lane

CPX Intern Alexander Boland ponders the positive impacts isolation in 2020 has had on the pace of his life.

It’s been 8 weeks since the beginning of our COVID-19 lockdown here in Australia, and amidst all the pain, loss, frustration and confusion, slowly but surely, a common revelation has begun to surface: life in the slow lane ain’t so bad.

I have personally had quite a few conversations where the effect of the “lockdown” on families and relationships has been completely restorative. As a recent meme remarked, “Lockdown week two: I found a lady sitting on my couch. Apparently she lives here. She seems really nice.”

All joking aside, this pandemic has had big impacts on the pace many of us do life. We have been forced to ask: have I been missing beauty and joy, sacrificing them on the altar of productivity?

The creation narrative in the Christian Bible tells of a God who finished a week of creative productivity (to say the least!) with a day of rest. The Creator of the cosmos, staying his mighty hand to appreciate the good he made.

Whether or not you believe that story, it’s apparent we humans function as creatures of toil and rest. When success is synonymous with productivity, and we have more tech than time to use it, we must be more intentional about setting rest and reflection into our daily schedule.

As we build new normals in abnormal times, do our familiar spaces need new paces? What aspects of your lockdown routine are you keeping even as/when some restrictions are lifted? And how will you avoid the slippery slope of busyness once unlocked?