Life & Faith: Reconciliation Week

There has been pain where Christianity and Aboriginal culture collide, but there can also be hope.

The story of Christianity and Aboriginal culture in Australia, is one of tragedy, loss and deep sorrow. But there are also stories of hope and reconciliation that run alongside this darker narrative.

“We deeply believe in the message, we deeply believe in Jesus, and I think because of that we’ve survived all the atrocities that have been thrown to us,” Larissa Minniecon says. “Being a Christian helps us survive and give grace to a lot of people, and also hope.”

Larissa is a Kabi Kabi woman and a Torres Strait Islander. She is also a Christian woman. In fact, her last name may sound familiar – Ray Minniecon, is her father and a prominent Aboriginal Christian leader.

In this episode of Life & Faith, you’ll hear from Larissa Minniecon, who heads up Common Grace’s Aboriginal Justice team, and her colleagues, Tanya Riches and Shane Fenwick.

Also joining us is Grant Paulson, an Aboriginal man, a son of a Baptist minister and a trained clergyman himself, sharing his thoughts on reconciliation. He’s also recorded a song for us so listen out for it at the end of the episode.

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