Life & Faith: How Would Jesus Vote

What the Bible says about immigration, guns, race and other contentious political issues.

Religion plays a significant role in every US presidential election – and this year is no exception. The candidates on either side of the aisle, and the religious leaders who back them, claim to know where Jesus stands on various issues, or what the Bible says about the hottest political topics. But do they?

In his latest book, How Would Jesus Vote?, Professor Darrell Bock suggests that the Bible challenges simplistic conclusions to complex issues, and encourages people to engage in respectful, passionate and peaceful dialogue instead.

“Something is valuable not because it’s in Scripture, but it’s in Scripture because it has something valuable to say,” he says.

In this episode of Life & Faith, Professor Bock tackles some of the most contentious political topics of today – immigration, welfare, race, and more – and examines them through the lens of the Bible.

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