Life & Faith: Beyond Belief

Hugh Mackay’s latest book explores the role of religion in finding meaning and purpose in life.

According to Hugh Mackay, Australia is in the middle of a “soft revolution”.

After 30 years of consumerism and the so-called happiness movement, Mackay says people are ready to rid themselves of their materialistic and narcissistic characteristics and embrace that there’s more to life.

“Unless there’s something I put my faith in, life is meaningless.”

This is essentially what dozens of Australians across the spectrum of faith and spirituality told Mackay as he conducted interviews for his new book, Beyond Belief: How we find meaning, with or without religion.

The book explores Australia’s current spiritual climate and recent shifts in our religious faith and practice. Mackay openly admits, though, that the book probably won’t appeal either to committed believers or committed atheists – and in this interview Simon and Hugh find plenty to disagree on, as well as some common ground.

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