Wise Science

Physicist Tom McLeish thinks of science as a way of healing our relationship with the natural world.


The Wise Scientist

“I’ve become really upset that science is something for most people so distant, something they feel they can’t enjoy, it was difficult when they were at school, they didn’t get the hang of it. I think it’s like music, art, dancing, drama or painting – it’s one of those sorts of things that everyone can enjoy to some extent.”

Tom McLeish is a theoretical physicist at Durham University and the author of Faith and Wisdom in Science. As a young man, he was impressed by Christianity because it offered the best explanation of this world and everything in it.

“For me, Christianity has lit the world up in a helpful, consistent, and challenging way that no other worldview does,” he says. “And science sits within it.”

In this episode, Tom talks about what he loves about science, how the history of science goes much further back than we usually think, and why a “theology of science” can be a very useful thing.

This episode was first broadcast on 15 October 2015. CPX interviewed Professor McLeish during a visit to Australia with ISCAST (Christians in Science and Technology).