Free Like A Bird

How one couple found love, peace and hope, while seeking asylum in Australia.

How one couple found love, peace and hope, while seeking asylum in Australia. 

“With courage let us all combine.”

This is the theme for Refugee Week in Australia. It’s a phrase taken from the second verse of the Australian national anthem, a verse that also includes these words: “For those who've come across the seas, we've boundless plains to share.” 

It’s not hard to see a disconnect between these sentiments and Australia’s recent immigration policies.

But, the reality – when you’re an asylum seeker or refugee living in the Australian community – is mixed. 

“We were never living in peace before, in our previous life. But here we find, in Christianity, love and peace.”

In this episode, we speak to a couple from Iran who are seeking asylum in Australia. The process for them has been long and the future is still uncertain, but they have many friends to help them, and their Christian faith gives them hope.

“You can be like a bird, free, free … and you don’t have to think about many problems. It will be solved if you pray.”

Also, Justine and Simon discuss what it really means to “welcome the stranger”. 

*Davood and Sara are not their real names. 

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