Divided States of America

A polarised country, a politicised faith - and how both are playing out in the US election.


An Evangelical Election

The bitter divides between Republicans and Democrats this US election season reflect a much bigger story. 

In this first of two episodes on the election, we explore the white evangelical embrace of the Republican Party and why Black voters – including Black Protestants – tend to vote Democrat. We also cover the way the breakdown of social trust, as well trust in institutions, makes this the most unpredictable election ever.

We talk to Amy Black, Professor of Political Science at Wheaton College, Illinois; Andy Crouch, author speaker, and former editor of Christianity Today, North America’s flagship evangelical magazine; and Lisa Sharon Harper, author, speaker, and founder and president of Freedom Road, a consultancy training churches and other organisations in racial justice.


Andy Crouch’s book Playing God: Redeeming the gift of power

Our full interview with David Smith, Senior Lecturer in American Politics and Foreign Policy, at the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney

Robert Putnam’s book American Grace: How religion divides and unites us 

The full audio of Tim Dixon’s 2019 Richard Johnson Lecture: Crossing the Great Divide – Building bridges in an age of tribalism. Audio of the Q&A session is also available.