Are we commitment-phobes?

Michael Ramsden talks to everyone from politicians to terrorists about culture, faith, and Jesus.

“I just thought if I became a Christian my life would become worse … I was 100% sure that I was sacrificing on the altar of truth my only chance for happiness in this world.”

Michael Ramsden was a very unlikely convert to Christianity – and that’s the least unlikely of the stories he has to tell in this two-part interview. From talking to Australian MPs on the day of a leadership spill to being invited to spend time with terrorist groups, he has a lot of interesting conversations with interesting people.

Michael is International Director of RZIM and one of the founders of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. In this episode of Life & Faith, he offers a window onto the various worlds he’s part of, and some cultural observations that we may find more skewering than is comfortable. 

“[We] struggle with the sense of commitment that’s required, all the time forgetting that all relationship relies on commitment. Whatever you’re slightly committed to is going to feel shallow by comparison. So although some commitments may seem huge, when you understand how the nature of all relationship works – which is the more you’re committed to it and the more you’re giving to it, the more enthralling and deep it is – then that equation begins to change.”