A Reason to Run

A story of world records, and navigating a neurotypical world of work.

“I used to think why are we so similar and yet our lives have turned out quite differently? I thought that she was just introverted at the time. Now, looking back, I can see how some of her autistic challenges were not being properly addressed, not being properly understood … I could see a missed opportunity for people like her, that are being left out of the workplace but have amazing strengths that could be deployed with a bit of appropriate structure around them.”

In this episode of Life & Faith, Simon Smart speaks to Mike Tozer, founder and CEO of Xceptional. This unique company began by offering employment for people with autism, but then developed into a recruitment and placement service, finding roles for people with autism in companies that really need the skills they can provide.

Mike is also a world record-holder, although for quite an unusual record – running a half-marathon in a business suit! And his motivation to raise awareness this way was very personal: both his sister and his son have autism.

Creativity in the face of challenge. The ability to turn difficult situations to excellent outcomes. Mike’s story is one for all of us in the strange days we’re living in.

An interesting side-note: one of Mike’s employees, Tim, was recently featured in the ABC series Employable Me. Take a look via the link below.


Employable Me: ABC Employable Me and Northern Pictures

Photo Cred: Drew Grigg,  YetAnotherIdea