9 to 5

Mark Greene on the frustrations, and the potential, of work in contemporary Western culture.

“It’s not at all clear to me that the way the work is currently being structured in Western culture is good for the majority of the people in it.”

Mark Greene grew up Jewish, and worked for a long time in advertising in London and New York. These days, he’s Executive Director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, and he spends a lot of his time thinking, speaking, and writing about the nature of work – which also means, the nature of God, and humans, and our life together.

“Camus famously said: work is not everything, but when work sours, all life stifles and dies. I think people are created for purposeful activity.”

In this episode, Mark considers our problematic experience of work, shares three key things that the research suggests make work enriching rather than soul-destroying, and tells stories of workplaces that are doing things differently.

Mark was in Sydney in July 2019 as a keynote speaker at the Work and Faith Conference. His books include Thank God It’s Monday and Of Love, Life and Caffè Latte.